Conversations With Life

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Conversations with Life!

What a privilege it has been for the past 20 years to engage in a profession where I have conversations all day long. Yes… you heard right! My daily hours offer me opportunities to enter into peoples’ lives on a very profound level, to partner with them in their own personal conversation with life. Sometimes there are conversations filled with wonder, curiosity, and expectation for the fulness of life to abound. Then, there are moments where the conversation seems to descend into the brokennness and shadows side of life.

What I have found is that life is a gift, a gift that keeps on giving. When we are aware of our own life, we are able to receive the gift. When we are numb to our own life we lose or miss the moment and the gift.

By trade I am a Marriage and Family, Child Therapist and then more recently have developed some skills and services in business consulting and coaching. I realize that life is an ongoing combination of various conversations that ebb and flow with our personal understanding of life in that given moment.

Conversations with Life is a blog that journeys deep into the heart and soul of life. Life leadership is an inner conversation with your center as the external circumstances beg for a response. My hope is to engender a deeper awareness and appreciation for life to be lived one conversation at a time. I am eager and look forward to the conversation.


  • Mike Wagner on Mar 12, 2010 Reply

    Tom Vander Well said to stop by your new blog. Very glad I did!

    Love this line; “an inner conversation with your center as the external circumstances beg for a response”

    For many of the biz leaders I work with “the external circumstances” are indeed begging for a conversation to be started.

    Many struggle to get that conversation started.

    Looking forward to learning more from you.

    Thanks for entering the conversation here.

    Keep creating…a story worth repeating,

    • Matthew Burch on Mar 13, 2010 Reply

      Thank you Mike for your comment. Indeed, working in the business world drives primarily the external, results, outcome only focus which on one hand is necessary, yet on the other hand, doesn’t capture the whole story. There are other parts of the equation that factor in. The story will continue!

  • Tom Vander Well on Mar 08, 2010 Reply

    Well done, Matthew. Welcome to the blogosphere! A lifetime journey begins with a single step. You’ve taken a big step today!

    • Matthew Burch on Mar 09, 2010 Reply

      I am in the O-Zone (optimal zone). Your conversation was the boost. Thank you friend.

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