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Life is a journey of development, one relationship at a time. Remaining committed and engaged on that journey is the challenge that creates our inner character. This ongoing process defines who we are. Our actions and behavior eventually reveal an inner person which is constantly emerging.

We believe that each person is uniquely created by God. Our inner character develops over time, and relationships play a key role in its growth. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in feelings of anxiety, depression, relational distress, conflict, etc. Our goal at Life Leadership is to aid you during those stuck times when feelings prevent you from personal growth, fulfillment, and joy in your relationships. With well-researched and value-directed therapeutic interventions, we work with you toward wholeness and healing to become the unique individual God created you to be while improving your relationships with others.

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No one marries with the desire to have a bad marriage or get divorced. Yet, young people in the United States who are marrying for the first time face roughly a 40-50% chance of divorcing in their life time under the current trends.1

Research shows that stress is the culprit of the breakdown of relationships. Mismanaged conflict and negative interaction can predict the duration of a marriage. The question is, “How does a couple develop a healthy and vibrant relationship which grows throughout the marriage cycle and allows them to stay connected in a meaningful way?”

Premarital counseling is best seen as a focused effort to celebrate each other’s relational strengths while recognizing and addressing potential blind spots that are capable of undermining the relationship. Our well-rounded, guided, and focused process will achieve this goal.

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1U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1992, page 5

Is your non-profit or small-to-midsized business losing organizational momentum? Does it seem that you are stuck in a pattern that is decreasing employee motivation and productivity?

Life Leadership, a Human Systems Consulting and Coaching company, can help. We are a highly accomplished leadership development and human capitol business operations improvement company. We have extensive experience in catalyzing individual and group performance to maximize organizational growth, development, and potential. Life Leadership is adept at developing comprehensive strategies based on specific needs to boost employee performance and company productivity.

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Human relating, whether personal or professional, operates within fundamental principles. Presenting these principles and practices in a workshop provides an educational experience that promotes learning in a group environment. Life Leadership will design a workshop with a topic suited to your personal or professional needs. A workshop example is listed below.

Leadership, Anxiety, and the Emotional System

This workshop introduces a new way of thinking—Family Systems Theory. Simply put, we are not isolated individuals but part of a unified whole, and our function therefore is affected by the presence and participation of others. Leaders are essential to the ultimate well-being, health, and functioning of a group or a system of individuals.

We teach leaders how to think systemically, assess what emotional health looks like in a group, galvanize individuals and groups to move in a certain direction, and manage yourself as a leader through non-anxious presence and differentiation. The manner in which a leader influences the group will either amplify positive or negative momentum.

This workshop doesn’t stop with theory, but encourages individual understanding and instills actional take-aways to improve and develop your leadership capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who would benefit from this workshop?

A: Persons who are either in training for leadership or are currently in a leadership position and need a greater understanding with tools to address their role as a leader.

Q: How long does this workshop last?

The workshop typically last 6 hours. It includes morning and afternoon breaks and an hour lunch.

Q: Who do I contact for more information?
Contact Matthew Burch, RCC at or call me at 641 628.1723.